Un beau pickup truck de chez Chevrolet qui méritait d'être pris en photo! Cette petite bête a quand même plus de 60 ans.

Que dire de cette photo prise par mes soins de cette merveilleuse Chevrolet le lendemain de la tempête 2011 à New York City.

Elles sont partout ici aux Etats-Unis, les voitures des series télé de notre enfance. Ademirez cette merveilleuse Chevrolet rouge.

Après une trentaine de posts en Anglais qui est la langue que je parle 24 heures sur 24 depuis 2 ans, la transition n'a pas ete très fructueuse. Je m'explique: Parler une langue autre que ma langue marternelle tous les jours ne signifie pas que je puisse devenir aussi a l'aise à l'écrit et surtout productif. La productivité étant l'une des variable qui contribue à la réussite d'un blog. En conclusion, ce blog appartient definitivement à la langue de molière...

Pour les nouveaux clients de Free Mobile qui n'ont pas lu la notice avant de rentrer le pin classique 0000, celui de free est different bien qu'aussi simple. Entrez le 1234
Now it's simple, go here
Here is a story of a homeless guy that's going to touch your heart.......

UPDATES: He's been offered a job by the Cleveland Cavaliers

A very interesting way to go to China from Japan!

Try this:
1. Go to Google maps.
2. Go to "Get Directions."
3. Type Japan as the start location
4. Type China as the end location.
5. Go to direction #43.

"YouTube Instant lets people type in what they're looking for, and the engine guesses what that video is" -CNN
I think it's too cool, since google turned instant Stanford University student Feross Aboukhadijeh created his own youtube instant and it's quite impressive, check it out here: ytinstant.com
This youtube video is hilarious and so well made, sounds like a real song.

Check out the lyrics:

Yeah This one goes out to all you minivan families out there. Sienna SE…in the house. Where my mother/fathers at? Where my kids at? Where my kids at? Where my kids at? Where my kids at? Where my kids at? Where my kids at? No, seriously honeywhere are the kids? They’re right there, see? Oh, cool beans. [VERSE DAD] I roll hard through the streets and the cul-de-sacs, Proud parent of an honor roll student, Jack. I got a swing in the front, a tree house in the back, My #1 Dad mug says, Yeah, Im the Mack. [VERSE MOM] I’m the world’s best nurse when my kids get sick, I make a mean gel-mold, I perfected my tricks, Back when I used to party as a college chick. Now I’m cruising to their playdates lookin’ all slick… [CHROUS] In my Swagger Wagon, Yeah, the Swagger Wagon, It’s the Swagger Wagon, I got the pride in my ride. In my Swagger Wagon, Yeah, the Swagger Wagon, It’s the Swagger Wagon. [VERSE DAD] Check it… I love hangin’ with my daughter sippin’ tea, keep my pinky up, All the drawings on my fridge sport an A+. I’m an awesome parent, (Right!) and it’s apparent, (True!) And in this house there’s no mother/father swearin’. [VERSE MOM] Straight owning bake sales with my cupcake skills, I’m better with the money, so I handle the bills, And I always buy in bulk, ain’t afraid of no spills. Every Mother’s Day proves…I’m kind of a big deal. Daughter: Mommy, I need to go potty. Bring the beat back, ’cause, yo, I got more to say, You know I’m always front and center at the school play. I kiss their boo-boos, clean doggie doo-doos, Cut the crust off of PB&Js, chill the Yoo-hoos. [VERSE DAD] Singin’ “Farmer in the Dell” in perfect harmony, When I’m rollin’ with my posse in the HOV. We rock the SE, not an SUV, And it’s true, if I were you, I’d be jealous of me…

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